4th ACTC | Advances in Circulating Tumor Cells | Liquid Biopsy: Latest Advances and Future Challenges



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Bio Molecular Systems is an Australian company established in 2010 and comprising of the founders from the former Corbett Life Sciences company. BMS is the manufacturer of the Mic, the world’s first Magnetic Induction Cycler for qPCR using a patented magnetic induction technology to heat samples very fast. This means qPCR results in less than 25 min. Fast. Accurate. Compact and Connective are just some of the key features that set Mic apart from all other qPCR instruments. Recently we launched Myra, a very small qPCR setup robot. In fact it is the world’s first robot that can actually see.

Menarini Silicon Biosystems logo

Menarini Silicon Biosystems, develops techno­logies and products that help researchers understand the biological complexity of disease through the study of single cells. The company’s DEPArray NxT is the only image-based digital cell-sorting and isolation platform that enables clinical researchers to conduct molecular analyses on live or fixed cells with single-cell precision. Thanks to the acquisition of the CELLSEARCH® Circulating Tumor Cell System in 2017, the company now provides an end-to-end workflow solution for the enumeration, isolation, and molecular charac­terization of CTCs from a simple blood test in the clinical research setting.

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We Empower Precision Medicine – Agena Bioscience is dedicated to advancing the impact of genomics in healthcare and precision medicine. Our highly sensitive and cost-effective mass spectrometry-based platform, the MassARRAY® System, is used globally in diverse research fields such as cancer profiling for solid tumors and liquid biopsies, inherited genetic disease testing, pharmacogenetics, and clinical research. We are a leader dedicated to enabling clinical laboratories worldwide to deliver affordable targeted genomic testing

ANGLE logo

ANGLE is a UK and US based medical diagnostic company. ANGLE’s Parsortix technology enables the capture and harvest of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from patient blood. Analysis of CTCs from this ‘liquid biopsy’ has the potential to enable personalized cancer care and improve clinical outcome.
The Parsortix system captures CTCs from blood based on their size, without antibodies – so capturing the full range of cancer cells, including mesenchymal cells and CTC clusters. The enriched CTC fraction can be analyzed by a range of downstream techniques. The CTCs are alive and can be cultured. Both ctDNA and CTCs can be obtained from the same blood sample.

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Celsee Logo

Celsee Inc. is harnessing the gentle power of gravity to break down barriers in single-cell analysis. Scaling easily to millions of cells, Celsee’s Genesis system offers an efficient approach for accurately analyzing rare cells. Its unparalleled capture and viability rates deliver results users can count on. This has immediate use in single-cell cytometry, proteogenomics, transcriptomics, and rare-cell enumeration.
Bulk cell analysis can’t see important variations among cells. At Celsee, we believe that more and more areas of life sciences will focus on single cells in the coming years as demand rises for precise and comprehensive information about heterogeneous samples. Celsee is a privately held company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Gilupi nano medizin logo

Advancing diagnostic procedures for precision medicine. People are individual – and so are their diseases. Especially in cancer, the variability of the tumors leads to strong differences in the respective therapy response. Integrating molecular diagnostics into clinical routine opens up the possibility of precisely characterizing patients and their disease and eventually identifying the most effective therapy. Furthermore, cancer cells can change or evolve over time. This poses additional challenges to the treatment and suggests a continuous monitoring of disease progression. GILUPI‘s goal is to develop a portfolio of diagnostic products for personalized medicine based on our technology platform, the GILUPI CellCollector®.


Novosanis is a wholly owned subsidiary of OraSure Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: OSUR) and an innovative developer and producer of medical devices improving the quality of diagnostic tests as well as the accuracy of drug delivery for infectious diseases and oncology. Novosanis currently has two devices (platforms) in its portfolio: VAX-ID, suited for accurate intradermal injections and Colli-Pee, suited for standardized and volumetric collection of first- void (first catch) urine.

qiagen logo 300x300

QIAGEN is the leading global provider of Sample to Insight solutions to transform biological materials into valuable molecular insights. QIAGEN sample technologies isolate and process DNA, RNA and proteins from blood, tissue and other materials.
Assay technologies make these biomolecules visible and ready for analysis. Bioinformatics software and knowledge bases interpret data to report relevant, actionable insights. Automation solutions tie these together in seamless and cost-effective molecular testing workflows. QIAGEN provides these workflows to more than 500,000 customers around the world in Molecular Diagnostics (human healthcare), Applied Testing (forensics, veterinary testing and food safety), Pharma (pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies) and Academia (life sciences research).
Our top-quality assays and panels enable you to accurately analyze and identify diseases and genetic variations. Our bioinformatics software and curated knowledge bases transform your raw data into relevant, actionable findings. And our automation
solutions provide you seamless and cost-effective workflows. Sample to Insight. Further information can be found at www.qiagen.com.

rarecells diagnostics logo

Rarecells Diagnostics develops and commercializes disruptive liquid biopsy tests based on a unique cell isolation technology called ISET® (Isolation by Size of Epithelial/Throphoblastic Tumor cells) and cyto-molecular profiling of circulating tumor cells, for early diagnosis of multiple cancer types and personalized therapeutic. The ISET® technology is established worldwide. Its capabilities to provide unlabeled well preserved CTC (alive or fixed), CTC clusters and cfDNA, are the foundation of impactful results published in more than 80 independent scientific papers. Rarecells Diagnostics is a spin-off of the French Public Institutions: Université Paris Descartes, INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale) and AP-HP (Assistance Publique- Hôpitaux de Paris) which own the ISET® patents. Rarecells Diagnostics is the exclusive licensee of the ISET® patents.

RareCyte logo

RareCyte is an innovative life science company that has developed technologies for the analysis of rare single cells in blood and tissue. Our end-to-end integrated platform for rare cell analysis includes consumables, instrumentation, analysis software, and cell retrieval capabilities that enable advances in CTCs, liquid biopsy, tissue imaging for oncology, immuno-oncology, single-cell analysis, and more.

Stilla technologies logo

Stilla Technologies focuses on accelerating the development of next-generation genetic tests by providing innovative instrumentation for digital PCR. In 2016, Stilla Technologies launched the Naica System, the first and only dPCR solution to offer 3-color multiplexing. Other key features of the system are the speed, simplicity and versatility of its workflow.

tok company logo

Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. Ltd. is a world leader in photoresists essential for semiconductor manufacturing. We develop microwell array SIEVEWELL™ with flexible and transparent filter contains more than 350,00 microwells.
After seeded in the SIEVEWELL™, you can stain the tapped cells inside the array with antibodies and reagents without losing rare cells. Stained cell can be identified and characterized by placing the array under a fluorescent microscope.


ALS Automated Lab Solutions logo

ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH develops, manufactures and markets high-quality automation solutions in molecular diagnostics, cancer and stem cell research, cell line development and antibody discovery. Our CellCelector™ platform allows automated screening and recovery of rare single cells or clusters for downstream molecular characterization (e.g. NGS, RNA-Seq) or cell culturing. It combines high resolution fluorescence imaging, sensitive cell detection technology, patented consumables and cell retrieval tools for fast isolation of 100% pure and intact cells.

Luminex logo

At Luminex, our mission is to empower labs to obtain reliable, timely, and actionable answers, ultimately advancing health. We serve the needs of our customers in diverse markets including clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical drug discovery, life science research, immunology, and personalized medicine. Our goal is to transform global healthcare with innovative instruments and assays that deliver cost-effective, rapid results to clinicians and researchers.


MMI – your partner providing unique competence in microscopic single cell isolation. We specialize in
• Capillary-based selective isolation of single cells (CellEctor)
• Clear-cut laser microdissection to isolate cells in tissue (CellCut)
• Whole Slide Imaging meets laser microdissection (CellScan)
• Optical tweezers to quantify minimal biological forces (CellManipulator)
We understand that your lab equipment needs to meet the particular demands of your individual research projects in cell biology, pathology, cancer research, oncology – in any project where you do not want to average out meaningful data, but focus on single cells.

SensID, a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of high quality reference standards for molecular diagnostics. Bringing Precision to MDx.
Ηeadquartered in Rostock, Germany, specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of reference materials and quality controls for molecular, DNA based diagnostics.
We offer to our customers reference materials and quality controls precisely characterized and manufactured in compliance with the highest standards. Our continuously growing product portfolio offers ideal solution options for your R&D programs as well as assay and instrument validation requirements. They can serve as external controls, support accreditation, ring trials, conformity assessment, and should be a part of your diagnostic kits.

Servier logo

Servier is an international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation, with its headquarters in France (Suresnes). With a strong international presence in 149 countries and a turnover of 4.176 billion euros in 2018, Servier employs 22,000 people worldwide. Entirely independent, the Group reinvests 25% of its turnover (excluding generic drugs) into Research and Development, and all profits are used for further development. Corporate growth at Servier is driven by our continuous pursuit of innovation in five areas of excellence: cardiovascular and immune-inflammatory diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer and diabetes., as well as by its activities in high-quality generic drugs.

VyCAP logo

VyCAP is a solution provider for the identification and isolation of cells from biological samples. We innovate and manufacture solutions for Life Science and Clinical applications with the goal to improve Patient care.
Our innovative Puncher platform for single cell isolation combines high tech technology with a user-friendly operation. This resulted in a platform that isolates single cells with a high recovery (>90%) and high throughput from a wide range of samples and sample volumes (1 – 10.000 µl).

4th ACTC | Advances in Circulating Tumor Cells | Liquid Biopsy: Latest Advances and Future Challenges